Cut costs during harvest with the use of remote controlled tractor

Our backwards-compatible hardware overlays your existing tractor controls to provide flexible autonomous driving no matter your tractor's age.

Combine and tractor in a field

Versatile & powerful automation hardware

We took our award-winning product RcFarmArm and all its safety features and adapted our patent pending overlay system to control the whole tractor via a remote control, a system that we took from idea to function in 45 days.

RCFarmBot's remote control steering system controls the tractor ignition key, park brake, gearshift lever, throttle control, steering wheel, autosteer engagement and more via remote control with a screen so you can see in the cab and around the tractor.

If anyone with a Bluetooth device comes near the tractor in a 75ft radius the tractor will idle down, go into neutral and place park brake on for extra safety. RcFarmBot bridges the gap from all autonomy companies to any and all existing tractors or any other machine for that matter.

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